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Four Smart Technologies For The Kitchen

Posted on April 26th, 2018   Categories Kitchens

Smart technology occupies most rooms of the home nowadays. Smart TV’s in the living room, smart speakers in the lounge, smart thermostats controlling the heating. But the kitchen deserves some of the tech too. Take a look at four of the best smart technologies you can get for the kitchen.


Fridge cams

The idea of a fridge cam, and their cost, may be off putting or even seem like a waste. But when compared to the cost of smart fridges themselves, a standalone fridge cam seems a lot more reasonable. Designed to let you see the contents of your fridge while you’re out, it’ll let you know if you need to buy butter, and how much milk is left. Some can also recognise different items and their expiry dates. So you can be notified when the bacon needs to be used up. It might seem the solution to a first world problem, but a fridge cam could potentially stop a lot of food from going to waste.


Smart cooking

The cooking technique of sous vide involves vacuum sealed food. It’s cooked at a low temperature in a water bath to seal in moisture and ensure it doesn’t overcook. This method has seen a rise in popularity in the last few years. There are now several different smart gadgets to help you with this cooking technique. Precision cookers which circulate water and regulate the temperature of the water give you perfectly cooked food every time. Air fryers are another smart appliance that can fry food up in a much healthier way. The flow of air simulates the frying process with a fraction of the oil usually used for deep frying, significantly cutting down on the calories.


Digital Assistants

Voice activated digital assistants, such as the Amazon Echo and Google Home, are useful in the kitchen as well as in the rest of the home. If you find yourself needing to Google how much flour is needed for a recipe with your hands covered in dough, these devices are the perfect handy helper.


Smart Cutlery

Cutlery infused with technology is another new addition the growing range of smart products. The ‘Hapifork’ and the ‘Spün’ are products which monitor how you eat. They let you know when you’re eating too fast, as well as sending data about your eating habits. Another offering is a noise cancelling fork from Japanese firm Nissin. It’s designed to alleviate the loud slurping that often comes with enjoying a bowl of noodles.


By Design

At By Design, we understand that the kitchen is the heart of the home – and it can be the brains too. Now a vibrant space for socialising as well as just a practical room for preparing food, your kitchen deserves to be a space that is styled to your tastes and is enjoyable to be in. To get started with the kitchen of your dreams, browse the kitchen range on our website, take a visit to our Cambridge or Newmarket showroom, or get in touch today.