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Lighting for kitchens can all too easily be overlooked for other design elements of your kitchen, but the right functional and feature lighting can help to set the perfect mood for your space. At By Design, we supply premium, internationally recognised lighting products from leading manufacturers. They cover every type of lighting for all types of kitchen styles. Over the years we’ve built an excellent relationship with the specialist lighting suppliers and many of our contract clients value the hi-tech lighting solutions we can offer. Our showrooms displays a number of suspended, floor standing, table and wall-mounted, plinth, wall unit, under worktop and panel lighting.

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Importance of Lighting at the Kitchen Design Stage

Incorporating lighting considerations at the kitchen design stage is crucial. Proper lighting not only enhances the functionality of your kitchen but also elevates its aesthetic appeal. Thoughtfully planned lighting can highlight architectural features, create focal points, and ensure that workspaces are well-lit and safe. Ignoring lighting during the initial design phase can lead to insufficient illumination and missed opportunities to showcase the full potential of your kitchen design.


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Impact of Lighting on Wellbeing

Lighting plays a significant role in influencing our overall wellbeing. Proper lighting can improve mood, increase productivity, and create a more enjoyable living environment. According to research, the right lighting can reduce stress levels, improve sleep patterns, and boost overall mental health. Warm, soft lighting can create a cosy and inviting atmosphere, while bright, focused lighting is essential for tasks and activities. By selecting the appropriate lighting solutions, you can enhance the ambiance of your kitchen and positively impact your wellbeing.

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We are committed to ensuring as many of our customers get the opportunity to sample the delights of good lighting in their brand-new kitchen and bathroom environments, at the best possible price. That’s why we offer the By Design Price Promise for all our lighting products.


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Our experienced team at By Design is ready to help you explore the best lighting options for your kitchen. Visit our showroom to see our wide range of lighting solutions and get personalised advice. Book an appointment at your nearest branch, and let us help you create a kitchen that is not only functional but also beautifully lit. 

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