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Traditional Bathroom Designs

Posted on April 30th, 2018   Categories Bathrooms

Traditional bathrooms remain as popular as ever because of their timeless look and endearing charm. The popularity of traditional designs means that there’s a huge variety of products and features to choose from when designing this style of bathroom. Read on for a guide of the best traditional designs.

Personal twists

The basic elements of a traditional bathroom remain the same for the most part, with a traditional suite featuring a bath, toilet and a basin all in white. However, don’t be afraid to add some twists to the traditional all white look of the bathroom suite; some subtle splashes of colour add character whilst retaining the traditional, timeless look.


Traditional showers typically hang from the ceiling with a square or rounded shape based on the size of the room. Circular fixed heads are a mainstay of the traditional bathroom, with both concealed and open pipes an option.


Taps are an important feature of the bathroom, and there’s a huge selection made specifically for traditional spaces. Crosshead taps are the most traditional design of tap, and there’s a huge selection of these available.


Heated towel racks are a great addition to the bathroom, and a wide variety of designs means that they can suit a traditional bathroom design. These can also be combined with an integrated column radiator, or you could opt for are cast iron radiator which is an eye catching yet traditional bathroom feature.

By Design

At By Design, we can offer these traditional designs to complete a bathroom that is perfect for you at an affordable price. We provide full bathrooms, as well as interior designing and fitting services, so you get the complete package from start to finish with us. If you’re looking for a new traditional bathroom across the Cambridge to Newmarket area, then look no further than By Design. Get in touch today and we can get started with your new bathroom!