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Would You Prefer A New Bath or Shower?

Posted on March 26th, 2019   Categories Bathrooms

We all have our own preferences, especially when it comes to getting yourself clean. But there are some questions you should ask yourself first.

There are several pros and con of using either, but we want to look at the various health benefits that each have. So…


Which is better for your skin?

Although you would think that soaking in a bath would reach more places, dermatologist Lauren Ploch would choose a shower.

This is because prolonged time in the bath can in fact lead to drier skin, through excessive scrubbing. Though there is no evidence to suggest that they make you any more or less clean.


Which is better for cleaning the skin?

As we’ve already touched on, there is nothing definitive to say that either are better or worse.

The only difference between the two is left over soapy suds from the bath. To combat this, Professor Emma Guttman-Yassky suggests to rinse yourself off with fresh water.


Which is better for your mood?

Many of us will have a long hot soak in the bath to wash our worries away. But it’s not the bath that’s improving your mood, it’s the water. Believe it or not, hot water can help to reduce loneliness.

You could also argue that a bath allows you to stop for longer, in silence, with a book surrounded by candles. All of which can help to improve your mood.


Which is more cost effective?

In terms of water consumption, short showers win. This is based on a 10 minute shower, any longer than 15-20 minutes and it would be a win for the bath.

In terms of life span, both will last up to 15 years with proper care. However, more care needs to be taken with shower cubicles as they have more elements to them.


Which should you choose?

At the end of the day, you know your own body. You’ll already have a preference in mind, but do take the time to think about the benefits of both.

If you want to be kinder to your wallet and the environment, we’d recommend short showers. However, if you’re looking to improve your mental health then we would recommend a long hot soak in the bath.


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