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Bathroom Trends for the New Decade

Posted on April 8th, 2020   Categories Bathrooms, Design, Latest News

Whatever your style, if you’re planning a bathroom makeover, we’re here to help!  There are countless design options at your fingertips, but the changing trends can be hard to keep up with.  From sleek, hotel-inspired spaces to functional family-friendly bathrooms, here are some of the most inspiring bathroom trends for 2020.

Bathroom Trends for 2020 - By Design

A Touch of Metallic

2020 sees brass take centre stage for metallic bathroom finishes.  Brass is a fantastic material which adds a real luxury, premium feel to any bathroom.  There’s a reason you find it in so many top hotels!  It is also a long lasting and durable choice, so you can be sure that your brass metallic touches will stand the test of time.  To really make the most of brass hardware in your bathroom, consider pairing it with sophisticated marble. It also lookls fantastic with an opulent dark navy blue.

Statement Showers

Adding a statement design to your shower space is a fantastic way to make an impact.  Brighten up a monochrome space with funky tiling behind your shower, or add an acrylic panel to create an invigorating backdrop.  Some our the most popular tiling designs for 2020 include clashing or complimentary colour palettes, natural wood appearances, iridescent finishes, geometric shapes, and dots and speckles.

Dark and Sumptuous

Many of us opt for the traditional all-white bathroom, but dark colours are starting to make an appearance in bathrooms this year.  Dark touches don’t have to mean all-black walls and fixtures.  You could add a touch of navy blue with tiles in your shower, or opt for a rich green paint on the walls.  Dark accent colours are a fantastic way to add a rich and sumptuous feel to your bathroom, and look perfect with this year’s trend for brass metallic finishes.

Supersized Tiles

One way to guarantee heads will turn in your bathroom is to incorporate supersized tiles!  Big bathroom tiles help provide a spacious feel in even the smallest of spaces, as they have minimal grout lines and make walls look bigger too.  Large format tiles are available in a wide range of finishes and colours, from minimal porcelain, to indulgent coloured marble.

Bathroom Trends: Feeling Inspired?

Have all of these bathroom ideas left you feeling inspired?  The expert team at By Design would love to help you refresh your bathroom, whether that is fitting a new suite, or re-tiling the walls.  Visit one of our showrooms, or contact us to find out more.