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Turn Your Bathroom Into a Spa

Posted on May 8th, 2020   Categories Bathrooms, Design, Latest News

Wouldn’t it be amazing to treat yourself to a spa visit every day after work? Unfortunately, this would be too pricey for most of us. So, why not do the next best thing and bring the spa to your own home? Your bathroom is a private space that can offer a relaxing retreat just like a spa visit would, but in the comfort of your house. Today’s bathroom ideas blog will show you how you can transform your bathroom into a spa with our help!

Bathroom Ideas - Turn Your Bathroom Into A Spa - By Design


The visuals of your bathroom are an important element in the atmosphere. A spa-like look can be achieved with the use of earthy colours, such as light green, grey, beige and brown. Painting the walls one of these colours is a great foundation to start from, with fittings following a similar colour scheme completing the soothing look.

Warm flooring

Wood flooring helps to create a peaceful, warm feeling in a room, but it’s not suitable for how wet the bathroom gets. Fortunately, we have plenty of alternatives in our range of tiles that can emulate the look and atmosphere of wood flooring. You can also benefit from underfloor heating pads for an extra luxurious experience.

Dim the lights

The light fittings you choose will also help to create a spa vibe. Recessed lights and light-up mirrors can provide a warm, soft glow that isn’t too bright and harsh. You can’t go wrong with cutting the lights and using candles instead for the ultimate relaxed spa feeling.

Keep the room clean and clear

Keep all your bathroom essentials hidden in storage space to prevent the stress of bottles and cleaning products cluttering up the room. You’ll need these within easy access of the room so you can keep on top of cleaning – a clean and tidy bathroom will help maintain the spa feeling. Consider using reed diffusers and scented candles to maintain a nice smell that enhances the spa experience.

Enjoy the spa experience at home with the help of By Design

Enjoy your very own spa experience in your dream bathroom with our help. With our bathroom design service, we can transform your bathroom into the ideal space to relax in whenever you want. We have over a decade’s experience in creating bathrooms and shower rooms that exceed all aspirations. Get in touch with us today to get started with your ideal bathroom, or pay a visit to one of our showrooms for a look at some of our bathroom ideas.