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On-Trend Modern Bathroom Designs

Posted on June 17th, 2021   Categories Bathrooms, Design, Latest News

If you’re planning to revamp your bathroom, you’ll no doubt be looking at some modern bathroom designs. But where do you begin, and how do you go about making those all-important decisions? The trouble with modern bathroom design is that it can seem as if anything goes. That includes classic, contemporary, and just about everything in between. However, certain features are definitely on-trend for this year, so let’s focus on those.

What’s your style?

One of the first things to consider is what effect you want to achieve with the style of your bathroom. In short, are you thinking modern or traditional? To help you decide, you might take into account the type of home you live in. If it’s a rustic country cottage, for example, you may want to stick to a more classic style.

That said, whether it’s classic or contemporary, it’s easy to introduce a splash of modern bathroom inspiration. Bathroom suites encompass a huge variety of styles, and an ultra-modern design in a classic setting can look fabulous. Alternatively, a traditional suite within a minimalist white or grey colour scheme would be a definite design statement. It would also offer the best of both worlds in modern bathroom designs.

Considering colour

The colours you chose are hugely important for modern bathroom designs. There’s a fair amount of wiggle room, too, without compromising on your desire to stay on-trend. Monochrome schemes are still popular, with brick-style plain white tiles making a contemporary comeback. Black grout would give it an industrial feel, if that’s a look you admire.

But if you’re missing colour in your life, there’s a lot of interest in pale blues and yellows this year. Set against plain white or grey tiles, these shades would add a dash of drama to your modern style bathroom design. The good news is, feature walls are never out of style, so don’t be afraid to go bold.

Tip: If your bathroom isn’t big, darker colours can make it seem smaller. Stick to lighter shades for a more spacious feel.

Fitted furniture

Lack of storage space is a common issue in modern bathroom designs, and fitted furniture offers the perfect solution. A stylish floor-standing vanity unit will provide both storage and convenience. Alternatively, modern wall-mounted furniture gives the appearance of more floor space.

Bathroom furniture has come a long way, and there are designs and finishes to suit every style of bathroom. Plain white provides a great contrast against a wall of patterned tiles. Clever fitted furniture can offer a seamless look to your bathroom as well as all the storage you need.

By Design

Here at By Design we offer a range of modern bathroom designs from some of the world’s leading manufacturers. From the style and sophistication of Villeroy & Boch to Symphony’s on-trend fitted furniture, the choice is extensive.

We’ll also guide you every step of the way through the design process, tailoring your bathroom to your exact requirements. To find out more about the bathroom ranges available from us at By Design, contact us today.