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The Perfect Guide to Kitchen Layouts

Posted on August 19th, 2021   Categories Kitchens, Latest News

For many, today’s kitchens are more than just places to cook and serve food; rather, they are the true heart of the modern home. They are a place not only to eat, but to entertain, socialise, relax, work and play. As such, the kitchen layout you choose needs to be functional while offering both style and innovation. There are many different layouts available, and which one you choose depends a lot on what you are looking for. Here is our guide on how to choose the perfect kitchen layout for your home.

Planning Your Ideal Kitchen Layout

When planning your kitchen, it is helpful to remember that every taste and need is different. There is no single correct way to design your kitchen. But, there are some basic design concepts you should follow to make the most of your space. For one, it is a good idea to have a clear vision of how you want your kitchen to look, including colour schemes and appliances. Try dividing your layout into a series of zones, each one for a specific task, and consider where best to place these zones for convenience. Consider how much space you have on hand: more space means more options, while limited space will mean you will have to make your layout work for you. Finally, your layout is not just about positioning your items. It is also about knowing which parts to use and when to use them.

Understanding the Kitchen Triangle

Devised almost a century ago, the kitchen triangle remains one of the most popular concepts for creating a practical and efficient kitchen layout. The idea is to create a smooth and seamless flow between the three points of the triangle: the food preparation area, the cleaning area, and the food storage area. With these areas in sync, you should not have to move far from any single point to another. Even if you are unable to follow the exact principles of the triangle, you can still implement concepts to reduce traffic flow or any potential obstacles. The triangle will help ensure that whatever layout you choose is practical and easy to work with.

Popular Kitchen Layout Designs

When it comes to kitchen designs, these are generally the most popular:

  • L shaped kitchens featuring two perpendicular walls. These open plan kitchen designs offer plenty of flexibility.
  • U shaped kitchens that consist of three adjacent walls. Great for continuous flow and practicality, but can feel cluttered in smaller kitchens.
  • Galley kitchens featuring two rows of cabinets facing each other with a galley between them. Allows for more storage space and is generally more cost effective.
  • Kitchen islands that create a work surface or storage area in the heart of the kitchen. This works best in large kitchens and helps to generate a natural flow.
  • Single wall kitchens that use just one wall with upper and lower cabinets. These are the simplest type of kitchen and allow for the largest usage of space.

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