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What Makes Ballerina Kitchen Designs So Unique?

Posted on November 9th, 2021   Categories Kitchens, Latest News

What Makes Ballerina Kitchen designs So Unique?

If you’re planning a new kitchen, it’s the perfect time to consider Ballerina Kitchen designs. Their unique range of superior quality kitchens offers everything you could want for your home. We’re all looking for great design and quality products when we invest in a new kitchen and that’s exactly what Ballerina provide.

By Design is a family-run business with many years’ experience of supplying and installing high quality kitchens and bathrooms. We specialise in kitchens that are beautiful as well as functional, and Ballerina Kitchen designs tick all the right boxes. Read on to discover more about the benefits of choosing a Ballerina Kitchen.

Superior Quality

German kitchens have long been renowned for their unrivalled quality, and Ballerina Kitchen designs are no exception! Quality materials and precision manufacturing mean your kitchen will remain beautiful for years to come.

With carcases made from sustainable materials, the back panels are 8 mm thick for additional strength. The 19 mm thick shelves are held firmly in place with metal supports, which feature an anti-tilting safety device.

Interior fittings are supplied in polished metal as standard, so a Ballerina kitchen is beautiful both inside and out. Shelf edges are also glued, which makes them more resistant to moisture.

Units are attached to walls with hidden all-metal fittings, and soft-closing hinges mean no more slamming cupboard doors. Every feature of Ballerina Kitchen designs has been created with improved performance in mind.

Stunning Design

Quality construction is clearly an advantage, but it has to be supported by superior design. The good news is, Ballerina Kitchen designs have turned the creation of stylish kitchens into an art form.

Whether your taste is sleek and contemporary or something more traditional, you’ll find it within Ballerina’s extensive range. The choice of styles, finishes, and storage options is as impressive as the kitchens themselves.

As well as looking stunning, Ballerina Kitchen designs lead the way in smart and practical innovations. Clever technology is combined with convenient, user-friendly design to create the perfect kitchen for your home.

New ideas range from fresh materials like Smart Glass to pull out furniture that can be moved around. Whatever you need from your new kitchen, Ballerina Kitchen designs will provide it.

Your perfect kitchen

The kitchen is often described as the most important room in the house, so getting it right is critical. A Ballerina Kitchen will provide you with that clever combination of durable practicality and stunning contemporary design. And the extensive range means you can create a bespoke kitchen for your home at a price you can afford.

However, you use your kitchen, a design from Ballerina will provide the perfect space for your lifestyle. It will look beautiful, function perfectly and offer everything you want from your kitchen.

Why not visit one of the By Design showrooms today to view the range of Ballerina Kitchen designs we have on offer? We would love to help you create your dream kitchen.