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Neff vs Bosch: Kitchen Appliances

Posted on May 11th, 2022   Categories Great Ideas, Kitchens

Most of us aspire to owning a kitchen that looks beautiful and inviting. But more than any other room in the house, a kitchen needs to be functional as well as attractive. There’s not much point in having a stunning kitchen that’s inconvenient to work or cook in. Design and layout are key, but so are the appliances you choose for your kitchen.

At By Design, we’re a family-run business with years of experience in the supply and installation of high quality kitchens. We understand that along with looking stunning, your kitchen needs to work well for the type of life you lead. That’s why the right kitchen appliances are so important. So let’s take a closer look at Neff vs Bosch appliances.

Ovens by Bosch

Bosch is a popular brand with a strong reputation for quality products. One of their latest ideas is an oven that cleans itself. When the cooking is finished, pyrolytic technology turns any spills or splashes to ash.

Bosch also provides a range of space-saving built in ovens, with an added steam function to improve cooking results. Options with pop out controls make the exterior of the oven easier to clean.

Ovens by Neff

When it comes to Neff vs Bosch, there are some unique design ideas from Neff that can’t be ignored. In terms of space-saving, Neff’s hide and slide oven doors can make all the difference in a narrow kitchen.

Neff has also gone a step further with the concept of steam, allowing cooking with part steam or 100% steam. That’s another space-saving idea, as you’ll no longer need that old pressure cooker.

Hobs by Bosch

Bosch has always innovated, which is why it has remained such a popular brand. Its PerfectCook and PerfectFry systems use sensors to automatically regulate the temperature on your hob. This allows you to complete other tasks in your kitchen without worrying about pans boiling over. The PerfectFry sensor measures the temperature in the pan, so no more excuses for burnt steak.

Hobs by Neff

In the Neff vs Bosch race, Neff may be slightly in front with their innovative Domino hob. Instead of having to choose electric, gas or induction, the Domino hob offers the best elements of all three methods.

You can even combine different settings to create the perfect hob to suit your style of cooking. Switch effortlessly from the fine control of gas to the rapid heat of induction and ceramic glass.

Unique design

Other innovations from Neff include vacuum drawers, ideal for sealing food to store for a short time without freezing it. Neff warming drawers are another really useful addition for any modern kitchen. Prepare food and keep it warm until you’re ready to serve. Neff cooker hoods also reflect their unique approach to design. If your space isn’t suitable for a wall mounted version, there are ceiling and integrated cooker hoods to consider.

To find out more about the kitchen appliances offered at By Design, visit one of our showrooms or get in touch with our team today.


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