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Make a Statement with Unique Bathroom Floor Tile Design

Posted on July 10th, 2022   Categories Bathrooms, Design, Latest News

When choosing a floor tile design for your bathroom floor, you want to make sure it looks first class. From the colour, shape and texture of your tiles, the design should reflect your tastes and personality as well as being functional. So, here are some unique design ideas for floor tiles in your bathroom.

1. Patterned Tiles

Patterned tiles help bring a sense of structure to your bathroom as well as a greater sense of scale. Choose from subtle hues and shapes through to bold and contrasting colours and intricate patterns. Whatever your style, patterned tiles give you a chance to show off your creative side.

2. Matte Tiles

While glossy tiles look highly polished and dramatic, they are also high maintenance and can be a slip hazard. Matte tiles offer a soft yet powerful sophistication that creates an earthy and elegant feel to your bathroom. When combined with good lighting they are a great choice for modern bathrooms.

3. Neutral Colours

Tile designs featuring shades of neutral colours like greys and creams are perfect for bathrooms. These colours help to create a more relaxing atmosphere in the bathroom, helping the mind to de-stress. Make sure to use different shades of neutral colours, plus textures and shapes, to give the scheme life and interest.

4. Natural Colours

Another option for bringing your bathroom to life is natural colours such as blues, reds and greens. Choose different shades and patterns based on a single colour scheme to give your bathroom a unique style. This will give your bathroom a fresh look, and you can even pair it with some of the neutral colours mentioned earlier for a contrast.

5. Subway Tiles

While subway tiles may be thought of as dull and lifeless, modern subway tiles come in an exciting range of design choices. With different contrasting colours, shapes and sizes, you can create an eye-catching mosaic for your bathroom wall. Mix and match your subway tiles to create variations that match your style.

6. Shaped Tiles

There is no need for bathroom tiles to conform to a strict square or rectangular shape. Other geometric options include hexagonal tiles, which can greatly change the look and feel of the average bathroom space. With different geometric shapes you can combine a range of unique patterns for your bathroom.

7. Metallic Tiles

Metallic tiles give your bathroom a shiny and futuristic look that will help it stand out from the crowd. These tiles are a gleaming and reflective alternative to matte and glossy tiles that will give your bathroom a more dramatic feel.

8. Marble Tiles

For that traditional high-end look, marble is still the material of choice for bathroom tiles. Marble is completely natural, and each tile contains its own unique colouring and style. Plus, with modern technology you can have access to a wider range of patterns and soft colour tones.

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